The Equestrian Academy of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences is located near the city of Kaposvár, but still close to nature. The venue has a history dating back to more than 50 years, and its excellent facilities make it suitable for organizing huge international competitions. It has already hosted dressage, pony and vaulting championships multiple times and vaulters already come home here after the World Championships of 1996 and the Europeans of 2007, 2014 and 2018.

The main building of the venue is the 30x70m main arena hosting as much as 800 spectators at a time.

The indoor warm up arena of 20x60m, located right next to the main arena provides easy and quick access to the competition hall.

The area is complete with world-class outdoor arenas, the larger of which (60x70m) hosts dressage and show jumping competitions regularly, and is available for riding throughout the event, while the smaller one (50x60m) is going to be open for lunging as well. All the grounds are covered with modern geotextile and sand.

Competitors are served by 93 3,5x3m built boxes, to which mobile boxes maybe added under a fix roof to be able to serve larger competitions and extend boxes, if necessary for bigger horses. 

Trucks may be parked near the stables, where we provide electricity as well. 


By car

The closest highway to Kaposvár is the M7 (E71) road, from which you can reach the venue via roads R61 and motorway R67. In Hungary there is a vignette for the highways for all vehicles, which you can buy either by text message or at petrol stations, while on the motorways there is toll-obligation for larger vehicles only. For more information on the different fees please visit:

By plane

The nearest airport is Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest, where you can fly from all European countries. From the airport the easiest way to reach Kaposvár is by car (on the airport there are numerous options for car rental).

To reach Kaposvár by public transport you can use either trains or buses. To plan your route and find the best options, you can use:

PLEASE NOTE! Buses to Kaposvár come from Népliget Bus Station and trains from Keleti Railway Station. These stations may be reached from the airport via Budapest public transportation. To plan your routes please use: