Please note that this timetable is only preliminary, it may change based on the number of entries received!

25/07/2022 – Monday

8:00Stables open

26/07/2022 – Tuesday

8:00Stables open

27/07/2022 – Wednesday

7:00Stables open
8:00Horse inspection (CH-EU-J-Y, CVI3*, CVICh2*)
9:30Official Training
10:30Declaration of starters
15:00Chef’d Equipe meeting, drawing
17:00Opening Ceremony

28/07/2022 – Thursday

9:00Individual Competition – CVICh2* Male and femaleCompulsory1st round
10:00Squad CompetitionCompulsory1st round
11:40Individual Competition – Junior MaleCompulsory1st round
14:00Individual Competition – Junior FemaleCompulsory1st round
16:30Individual Competition –  Young Vaulter MaleCompulsory1st round
17:10Individual Competition – Young Vaulter  FemaleCompulsory1st round
18:50Individual Competition – CVI3* Male and FemaleCompulsory1st round

29/07/2022 – Friday

8:30Individual Competition – CVICh2* Male and femaleFree test1st round
9:30Individual Competition – CVI3* Male and femaleTechnical Test1st round
10:30Pas-de-deux CompetitionFree test1st round
12:00Prize Giving Ceremony for CVICh2* competition
13:30Individual Competition – Young Vaulter MaleTechnical Test1st round
14:20Individual Competition – Young Vaulter FemaleTechnical Test1st round
16:20Squad CompetitionFree test1st round
18:30Nation’s Evening

30/07/2022 – Saturday

8:30Individual Competition – Junior femaleFree test1st round
11:30Individual Competition – Junior MaleFree test1st round
13:30Individual Competition – Young Vaulter MaleFree testFinal
14:30Individual Competition – Young Vaulter  FemaleFree testFinal
17:00Individual Competition – CVI3* Male and FemaleFree test2nd round
18:00Prize Giving Ceremony for Young Vaulter EC and CVI3* competitors
20:00Closing party

31/07/2022 – Sunday

9:00Pas-de-deux CompetitionFree testFinal
10:45Squad CompetitionFree testFinal
13:00Individual Competition – Junior MaleFree testFinal
14:30Individual Competition – Junior femaleFree testFinal
16:45 Prize Giving Ceremony for Junior EC